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    The Camera Club welcomes photographers of all levels, formats and subjects.

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    16 Bowden Street
    SE11 4DS
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    Tel: 020 7587 1809

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    Our regular opening hours are:
    Mon - Fri 11:00am - 10:00pm
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The Club has 2 studios in our building on Bowden Street. The studios are available to members only.

All members must be accredited before booking the studios, and must adhere to the Club Rules & Policies. Members may also find the Studio How-To Videos helpful.

Studio 1

The larger main Studio 1 is approximately 18′ wide by 32′ long and occupies the whole top floor of the house, and therefore has very high ceilings. The space is ideal for full-length figurative photography, fashion or small groups. This studio also has an excellent natural light option with a large electric skylight and North facing windows.

Studio 1 equipment and features:

  • 4 Bowens Gemini 500 flash heads
  • Over head boom
  • Bowens softboxes and accesories
  • White and black Colorama backrgounds
  • Poly Boards
  • White walls  & one grey wall
  • Natural wood floor
  • Fold down black vinyl sofa
  • Posing blocks
  • Assorted chairs and stools
  • Large electric skylight for natural light shooting
  • Changing room with make-up mirror
  • En-suite shower/loo

Hire rate for Studio 1: £15.00 per hour

Studio 2 (Portrait Studio)

The smaller Studio 2 ( 18′ x 18′ approx ) is situated on the first floor of the building, and does not have the ceiling height or room length of Studio 1, therefore this studio is best suited for portraiture, product or close-up photography. There are North-facing windows running along the back wall, and the natural brick walls make for a good alternative backdrop with plenty of texture and warmth.

Studio 2 equipment and features:

  • 4 Bowens Gemini 500 flash heads
  • Softboxes/umbrellas and accessories
  • White and black Colorama backrgounds
  • Redwing counterweighted boom stand
  • Natural brick walls
  • Blonde wood floor
  • Poly Boards
  • Fold down black vinyl sofa
  • Posing blocks
  • Assorted chairs and stools
  • Changing room with make-up mirror

Hire rate for Studio 2: £12.00 per hour

How to book a Studio

Members can ring the Club on 020 7587 1809 to check availability and book studio time.

Studio Cancellations

You may be required to pay some or all of your booking fee, depending on when you cancel:

  • More than 7 days before booking = No fee
  • 7 to 4 days before booking date = 50% cancellation charge
  • 0 to 3 days to date of booking = 100% cancellation charge

Bookings cannot be cancelled or booked by e-mail. You must phone the Club to book or cancel.

NEW: Studio How-To Videos for Members

If you need a refresher or some tips on how to put on a softbox correctly, place cables so they are not a tripping hazard, or you wonder how to convert the sofa into a ‘bed’, then watch these videos to learn how.