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Gallery FAQ

How much does it cost to have an exhibition?

For club members there is a flat rate fee of £30 for a 4 week exhibition.
Non-members have two options: £200 for a 2 week exhibition or £400 for 4 weeks.

The cost does not include prints, mounts, preparation of an exhibition poster and cost of the private view, which all have to be covered by an exhibitor.

Can I mount my work/photographs at the club?

Yes. You can use the gallery space (provided that it is not being used). We have a rotary trimmer, bevel mount cutter, aluminium ruler and cutting mat.

Where can I get mounting boards?

Most art shops have in stock a selection of different colours/sizes. The nearest one being Cowling & Wilcox in Camberwell. The cheapest one is Cass Art.

Pre-cut mounts are also available in standard sizes and a number of colours/finishes.


You may also find useful:

Check also http://www.jacksonsart.com/Brands-A-Z_All_Brands-Crescent-Crescent_Specialist_Tapes/c2200_1044_32359_33956/index.html

How do I mount photographs?

There are two ways of doing it. You can either use spray adhesive or special corner. Please visit http://photographyspark.com/the-art-of-mounting-and-framing-photos/ or http://www.framedestination.com/picture_frame_mounting.html for the description of mounting techniques.

How many frames does the gallery have?

We have 20 A1 (841x594mm) frames and 40 (50x40cm/500x400mm).
Black aluminium finish.

How many photographs can the gallery hold?

That depends entirely on size of frames used and arrangement/layout.
Max capacity is 40 50x40cm frames or 20 A1 frames or a combination of the two.