Black Haiku: Poems for Dark Times

Black Haiku: Poems for Dark Times

Open view: Mon 5 Feb, 7pm


‘Black Haiku: Poems for Dark Times’, is a series that I have been shooting for a long time. When I began, I chose the natural world for tutoring, keeping foremost in my mind the question of how I could translate the natural world’s organic profusion into minimal yet emotional imagery. I was looking for a means of relief from the constant grappling of humans against nature, an antidote to the high barometer of conflict, a specific visual style that would suggest not shout, that might lend to the viewer a certain quietude.

The concept for the series comes from traditional Japanese Haiku. Haiku is a minimal poetic form that does not rhyme. It does not conclude. But it does distill. It does invite contemplation of the luminance within the ordinary and of the beating heart of place.

When I was invited by Dariusz Adamek, Curator of Gallery 1885, to show my work in London, I was intrigued by the physical layout of the space. Images are hung on two walls, one across from the another. I found this arrangement to be ideal, as I felt it allowed me to investigate a different approach to Haiku. One wall could represent an approach to radiance that did not involve a vocabulary of organic forms. The space allowed me to experiment and expand the series to include works based on a geometric, formalist vocabulary. My hope is that the viewer will find these minimal structural images to be as enigmatic and emotional as those from the natural world.

Part of the series ‘Black Haiku: Poems for Dark Times’ was selected by Rfotofolio as one of their Ten Portfolios for 2017. ‘Dialogue’, a triptych, will be included in the Depth of Field exhibition at the Center for Photographic Art in Carmel-on-the-Sea, California, in April/May 2018. Robynne’s work will be included in the exhibition catalogue and an accompanying book. She has exhibited solo and in group shows in London, with solo shows in Amsterdam and in the USA. She was the stills photographer for two feature films and for the BBC Television Production, Exit. Her work has been selected by jurors Michael Kenna and Arthur Meyerson for shows in the United States. She has also won prizes in the International Garden Photographer of the Year Award. She was asked by Hahnemühle Fine Art UK to show her triptych, ‘Foundation Stones, the Blue Mosque, Istanbul’ in their display at The Photography Show 2015, Birmingham International Exhibition Centre. Hahnemühle Fine Art UK continues to support her exhibitions.