The Fashion Group – A Day in Her Life

The Fashion Group – A Day in Her Life

Our model for this month is Melissa Luke. Melissa has worked with a couple of club members in recent weeks both of which have spoken enthusiastically about her ability.

Since the past three sessions have been over subscribed please sign up early to avoid missing out as this promises to be another great session.

Set Up 1 – Wakey – Wakey

Mood: An alarm rings, time to get up, the shock of the new day.

Outfit: Pyjamas, waking, stretching greeting the day.

Lighting: Spotlight with grid, blue background with yellow sunlight from left.

Set Up 2 – At the gym

Mood:- The daily workout to set the mind and body.

Outfit: Black leggings with one of the two coloured tops orange or green for the first round and white T shirt or vest for second round of shots. Trainers.

Lighting: White background, single strobe with grid to highlight glistening forehead perspiration of the workout. Rim light from behind.

Set Up 3 Daytime – Street – Urban

Mood: Hanging out, posing, look at me!

Outfit: Red jacket with gold chain, white top under and black trousers ideally leather.

Lighting: Beauty dish at front with coloured gels at side.

Set Up 4 – Celebration

Mood: Celebration, enjoyment, party finery.

Outfit: Gold dress, strapped high heels,

Lighting: Barn doors or flags with large softbox to create flash effect of celebrity.

We meet at 6.15 for briefing and set up with shooting commencing at between 6.30 and 6.45 and finish by 9pm. Group members are encouraged to give direction during the shoot and submit ideas for future shoots. To achieve four set ups each set up will be one two minute round followed by a one minute round. We must be strict about these times to achieve four set ups.

We need 4 participants to cover costs of this session so please sign up as soon as possible and at the latest by noon Friday 17 February with a steward at the club. This allows us to give the model reasonable notice in the event of cancellation.

Please note if you sign up you may cancel up until seven days before the session without penalty. Should you wish to cancel after that time payment still needs to be made to the club. Please bring cash to the photo session.

By the end of the shoot, you will surely end up with great shots – so why not select the best and send it to the Journal for consideration to be included in the club magazine.

Your name should be incorporated in the filename. The image should be large 8bit JPG, sRGB colour profile, resolution 300dpi and longest side a minimum of 2100px. The file to be at least 2mb in size. The images should be sent to Marek – via Wetransfer or Dropbox.

Enjoy the shoot.