Home of the Brave – An Exhibition of American Landscapes

Home of the Brave – An Exhibition of American Landscapes

Open View: Monday 27 Feb, 6.30pm


Some years I was walking north of Half Moon Bay in California when I noticed a make-do shack, the place was ramshackled but proudly displaying the stars and stripes of America. Travelling across the United States the flag flies proudly in many places and the National Anthem evokes the home of the brave.

America is a nation of immigrants who have sought a better life either from persecution or poverty in a far off land. The better life they have sought has always been challenged not least by the landscape as they made their way from Ellis Island to California. From the Lewis and Clark expeditions to the wagon trains later in the nineteenth century through to the highway construction of the 1960s; Americans travelers have had to conquer multiple terrains, adapt to ever changing weather conditions and endure hardship to find a place they can call home. Little wonder they fly the flag with pride.

Over the past ten years I have spent time marvelling at the spectacular landscapes of America from Alaska to Zion, from Arizona to the Zephyr Hills of Florida. Travelling throughout the country experiencing baking heat and searing cold, dank fog and torrential rain all of which instilled in me undying respect for the earlier settlers.

– Michael Colman