The Fashion Group – Sweet Little Rock and Roller

The Fashion Group – Sweet Little Rock and Roller

Our model for this month is Elizabeth Annina.

Eli is from Finland a free spirit and model who happens also to be a singer/songwriter with her first music album available soon.  Check out her work and images at Facebook, Instagram and Purpleport.  She has been agency represented since sixteen and working professionally for the past three years in commercials, fashion shows and music videos.

Set Up 1 –  The lighting will be a beauty dish above model with a soft box below to fill-in.  A grid light will be either side behind model shining onto hair.  Blue and orange gel filters can be used on grids if available.

Set Up 2 – The second shot will be a leather jacket shot with the same set up as Set Up 1, lighting gels are optional.

Set Up 3 – This is a very cinematic look and we have the option of shooting full length, upper body either with or without the studio equipment that will provide more of an environmental aspect to the shoot. The lighting will be lamp with grid with three flags to direct the light as required.




Set Up 4 – Since it is almost Christmas this shot adds a little sparkle with seasonal glitter filling the air.




The Shoot

We meet at 6.15 for briefing and set up with shooting commencing at between 6.30 and 6.45 and finish by 9pm. Group members are encouraged to give direction during the shoot and submit ideas for future shoots. Our aim is to achieve four set ups and to this end each set up will be one two-minute round followed by a one-minute round. These times are to be strictly maintained if we are to achieve four set ups.

We need 4 participants to cover costs of this session so please sign up as soon as possible and at the latest by noon Friday 9th December with a steward at the club. This allows us to give the model reasonable notice in the event of cancellation.

Please note if you sign up you may cancel up until seven days before the session without penalty. Should you wish to cancel after that time payment still needs to be made to the club. Please bring cash to the photo session.

Enjoy the shoot.